Zoltar the fortune teller from the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks

year 29 || day 50 – zoltan! … errr Zoltar!

Zoltar the fortune teller from the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks

Time to play some catch up. I didn’t really plan this whole “post a day, everyday” thing very well when planning out of town trips. Next time i’ll have to schedule my posts (Thanks WordPress!!!). For now i’ll just roll back my post date. Hey, my blog, my rules.

Remember the movie “Big” with Tom Hanks. Well, if you were alive in the 80’s you should! It’s one of those feel good, love who you are not who you want to be, type of movies. Basically Tom Hanks wants to be older so he find this fortune telling machine that ends up granting him one wish. Yadda yadda, boom he’s older and now has to do grown up things. Man, I should be a movie reviewer. haha.

This was the fortune teller from the movie. Found it tucked away in the corner of Morongo Casino this weekend on my way back from Palm Springs. So excited to se this memory-sparking relic i eagerly put in my $1 to get my fortune. Waiting … standing, staring … nothing. The damn thing stole my dollar. Not sure if i should take that as some kind of doom and gloom message from the gods, but i chalked it up to faulty wiring and went on with my day. So, hope i’m around to keep this blog going … muha ha haaaaa.

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