OCMETRO Jannae editorial photo assignment

year 29 || day 38 – editorial assignment, Jannae

OCMETRO The Jannae Beauty Institute editorial photo assignment

PEW, PEW, PEW! The Jannae Beauty Institute has revolutionized lipo suction, without the suction. Lasers. Their claim to fame is the cottage cheese killers in a combination of Zerona and Endermologie, a treatment of cold laser and massaging treatments. Covered in the September issue of OCMETRO and having a need for some stellar shots (yeah, I’m biased), I got the bid. Teamed with the writer, and Good Day LA’s Style queen, Michelle Pulfrey, we set the shots, staged the scenes and got the story.

Portfolio Quark OCMETRO Jannae Beauty Institute Spa Layout


  • These shots are incredible Luke. Interesting subject matter and you’re right, they really do tell a story. Neat blog. Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Rochelle. Editorial photography is something i’m going to need to become more familiar with, but i’m learning more with each assignment.

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