year 29 || day 28 – never to old to break some bones

WOAH! Seriously?! This dude’s gotta be pushing 70, or he’s a really BAD looking 60, but either way he must really hold a passion for skating to be attempting the things he was doing. Underneath the Huntington Beach Pier we spotted this guy on the boardwalk keeping pace with the other few skater who chose to ignore the personal safety of the innocent pedestrians. As we stopped and stared in shock of this old man, part of me felt like I was watching a car crash scenario … just waiting for something horrible to happen. The other half was concerned for what would happen if there was something horrible about to happen. Well, let’s be honest, it was about 80/20, respectively. Hey, if he’s going to put himself out there on his own free will, then I’m not ashamed to admit that I wanted to see the goods!

Despite my doomsday attitude for the whole situation, he survived unscathed even after climbing on the stairs to attempt some sort of vert-less drop in. That was my opportunity to capture the good/bad side of skating past 60.


  • I hope I’m like this when I get old! hahaha

    • I know! The second time i saw this guys he was out skating with a bunch of the younger teenage kids at the Maloof Money Cup! Maybe he’s some kind of skate legend or something … but he’s skating a new deck … who knows. Mystery man!

  • Lana

    I wonder how much Advil he takes daily! Fantastic photo!

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