Churm Media's big orange tree spider

year 29 || day 27 – the heat brings the spiders

Churm Media's big orange tree spider

After the record breaking heat we’ve been having in SoCal comes the spiders. Apparently the heat was enough to wake these eight-legged mammoths from their tree top slumbers. I can only imagine the suns rays breaking through a save haven cocoon of leaves and paper tree bark only to strike the fuzzy orange backs of our arachnid web slingers, breaking them from their hibernation. This beast in particular has decided to make his home just outside the catwalk to our offices. Building himself a comfy hammock between two trees, he waits … the prefect breeze is all it will take. Sure the occasional fly or gnat is a comforting appetizer for this fella, but I know … he’s waiting for me. All I can do as a 6’1″ man is scamper haphazardly across the catwalk to avoid getting too close for that perfect storm of El Nino winds to launch this predator into the collar of my shirt as I pass by. I can sense him thinking. Plotting. But when that day comes, I like to think that I won’t scream like a little girl, but instead handle it like Ivan Drago and just break him. I can dream.


  • Kristin Bush

    Luke, I grew up in BFE where big ass spiders are par for the course, but every year at this time, in this heat, these guys make their home near my front freakin’ door and I always walk super slow and kinda look over my shoulder all the time just to make sure that one of them…maybe a distant cousin of a spider I may have terrorized before…doesn’t strike back.

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