Burning Bush

year 29 || day 24 – record high heat

Burning Bush

In honor of the record breaking heat that we experienced here in Southern California today, I bring you the burning bush! With temps reaching a high of 113° in Los Angeles, it only seemed fitting. We were even edging on 100° here in beach land!

Now, this blaze didn’t talk to me like Moses or anything, but it did bring excitement to my 3 Texan nephews. Teaching this desert plant a lesson, the 3 boys lit smoke ball after smoke ball in it until it finally gave in and went full awesome, much to their enjoyment. Just for good measure, they tossed a couple more into its ashes after the flames subsided. Ahh, to be young and have grandma and grandpa give you a lighter!


  • sweet picture! unfortunate for the owner of this potted plant. The zen of their landscaping is probably way off now.

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