Frankie Cat laying ready to pounce

year 29 || day 23 – Pupils like onyx

Frankie Cat laying ready to pounce

Looking like she was ready to pounce the camera, Frankie laid in the middle of the living room, wide-eyed. The room was dimly lit, so Frankie’s pupils were wide open, and without the need of a flash I was able to get off a bunch of shots at different focal lengths without the light disturbing her. Although her growing love of food didn’t keep her still for very long once I got down on the carpet with her. She thought that it was time to play, then eat … the normal routine.

Lucky for me that my 50mm can stop down to 1.4, otherwise I don’t think I could have gotten this shot.


  • What a great shot! Cute kitty! :-)

    • Thanks MaryAnne. This was shortly after getting the 50mm lens, so I was having fun shooting around the house.

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