Lanae Harvey Malone anticipating her husbands garter advance

year 29 || day 20 – Garter anticipation

Lanae Harvey Malone anticipating her husbands garter advance

There comes a special time in every fiancé turned wed man’s life when he gets to go diving for garters. It’s a time honored tradition dating back to the times of King George himself. Under his kingdom’s rule every young woman was given a garter on her eleventh birthday as a sign of the king’s ownership and was only allowed to remove it on her wedding night, signifying her new ownership unto her new husband. … Well, okay so maybe that’s not the entire truth, or even the partial truth, or really any truth at all. So here’s what my good friend senõr goolge’s top hit has to say:

It is said that in the days gone past, the bride and groom had to show proof of their wedding consummation. In order for it to be proven, it was common tradition to have people like family and friends come into the room with the couple. The “witnesses” would obtain the garter as “proof” of the consummation. Also having any article of the under garments was considered to be good luck so sometimes things would get out of hand in the newly wed’s bedroom as crazed onlookers snatched at clothing to get for good luck. This was not appreciated much by the bride nor many grooms, hence the groom started tossing the garter out so that no one would need to obtain it themselves.

So, as Lanae & Billy traded their vows, had their first dance, cut & stuffed some cake and gave their friends and family a peek at their less modest side, it was now time for Billy to make the trek to mar-garter-ittaville (yeah, that just happened). And look how happy Lanae was.

Now, immortalized in this blog, and Google’s cloud computing cache of everything on the internet, congrats again on the happy new marriage!


  • Lanae Harvey

    Luke that’s awesome! Love the history lesson….I’m very grateful to be living in this century! :0D

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