Old surfer under the Huntington Beach pier

year 29 || day 10 – the Obligatory Pier Shot

Old surfer under the Huntington Beach pier
Any photographer who lives near the beach has at least one of these shots, amateur or pro. The Obligatory Pier shot (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Maybe it’s the nostalgia and knowledge of all the stories that pass over and under each and every day. Possibly the years of abuse the waves have given the posts. Whatever it is that draws us to the pier, it’s unbeatable.

My turn came one day in “Surf City”, Huntington Beach. New to the whole photo scene and with only my single kit lens to keep me company I dug my toes into the ice cold waters of Southern California and let the shutter fly.

August for the people and their favourite islands. Daily the steamers sidle up to meet The effusive welcome of the pier.

-Auden,W(ystan) H(ugh)
Look, Stranger, no.30.


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