Vibrant. Art. Street… it’s HDR Graffiti

Graffiti already has a special place in my heart. I’m not going to lie and say that i’m from the streets, but i was quite the minority in a city filled with Graffiti’d walls. There was no way a new construction site could build a wall without it being tagged on within the weed, most of the time days to hours. So, i’ve come to appreciate the art that is graffiti. It’s colorful, captivating, and more of the time, impossible to read… but it sure looks pretty. From Abduzeedo, by way of Big Head Design, i came across these HDR images of a BUNCH of graffiti artwork. They’re stunning! Anyone who appreciates art AND photography will definetely get what they’re looking for out of these images.

Fact: HDR pictures are totally cool. HDR makes colors pop-out, they appear really vivid and shiny. And what kinda art uses lots of vivid and shiny colors? That’s right, grafitti! And the combination of these two will blow your mind!

I appreciate good graffiti art as much as the next guy, but when you throw the HDR aspect onto these vividly colored murals, they transcend into a surreal form of artwork that serves to enhance these awesome murals. Definitely some of the most amazing photos I’ve seen.

Many more pictures after the jump.