Tutorial: Bling it out!

Ready to put out your next rap album cover Mad Money Millionaires? Need to add a little Zazzzz to your webpage? Well look no further! This great tutorial will show you exactly how to get the desired “bling” effect you’ve been waiting for. With this easy to follow, easy to replicate tutorial all you have to do is follow along… a monkey could do it. Well, you know, if that monkey has a wacom tablet and a stylus.

Click through to see the entire Bling Tutorial.

This tutorial will show you step by step on how to create a “Badass Bling Effect” using layer styles in Photoshop. Once you create the layer style, you can easily “blingify” any layer. There is also a video tutorial as well.

Here’s my shotty attempt at it. Don’t let the poor quality fool you, i assure you i am a good designer. HAHA. This was a quick, step by step, learn the tutorial, image… it came out ok, probably should have worked with a larger DPI though. Live and Learn!

I found all these images off quick google searches, so the quality was pretty poor. And i only had about 15-20 minutes before work to get this up finished and posted. But, enough excuses! TO THE BAT CAVE!