OC Register Metro June 3 2013 Magazine Cover

The making of a magazine cover – June 3, 2013 OC Register Metro

A quick photo behind-the-scenes of our June 3, 2013 issue of OC Register Metro’s Most Trusted Brands. In-N-Out was the obvious choice for the cover seeing as the brand swept the scores in the survey conducted by The Values Institute. We decided to go with the cup rather than a burger as the branding is much more iconic with the red + white stripes and crossed palm trees accenting the upper lip. I wanted the photo to feel dynamic, so the lighting was shot from slightly behind on both the left and right with no diffusers so that I could create striking light with nice, harsh shadowing and highlihts to hit the water droplets.

June 3, 2013 OC Register Metro Magazine Cover Design and Photography

Magazine cover photography and design