The “Cans” Festival 2008

The Cans Festival 2008 - Sidewalk ViewHarumph! Europe gets all the fun stuff! This year’s “Cans” Festival was help under Waterloo station and was an orgy of art. Artist from all over could come and leave their mark on the walls and sidewalks. Take up a paint bruch, spray can, markers, pretty much anything you can find and go to town. There was even a guy playing a piano in the tunnel! Art is a boundless medium.

Thanks Justin for another great post over at Big Head Design. Next year we plan the trip to Euoropeville and get OUR mark on the streets… literally!

The Cans Festival 2008 - Arial Sidewalk ViewThe Cans Festival 2008 - Mindcontrol artThe Cans Festival 2008 - Piano player in the tunnel