Thank you economy! and Time Warner! 1¢ Movies!

Any of you Southern California residents out there that may have taken a nice roundhouse kick to the left temple may appreciate this little slab of cold steak to nurse that wound! Time Warner Cable is offering 1¢ Movies on demand from a pretty decent selection of 30 movies through their On Demand service. Being a So Cal resident myself… and being a poor artist… i salute you Time Warner. We may have had our feuds in the past, like that one time when you locked up on my and fast forwarded my DVR all the way to the end of my show while i got a nice 2x speed, soundless viewing of Top Chef (and again during 24), but this totally wipes the slate clean. Thanks!

The service seems to be only on Valentine’s Day, but what else are you doing in So Cal? I mean, you could go to Morton’s Steakhouse any old night, right? Pfshhh.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “But, Luke, why are you promoting Time Warner Cable? That doesn’t have anything to do with design!” to which i would reply “You’re right, especially judging by that landing page, yuck! but, this is pure MARKETING genius.” Here’s a company that realizes that most of it’s viewers will be out of the house, or not watching television, so they give them a great incentive to keep the viewership high in the times when they predict it being low. All my speculation of course, but that’s why I’m featuring this, my dirty little secret is that i am in love with marketing.

Click here for details from the mouth of the horse itself.

Thank you @ADramaticMommy via Twitter for the tip!