Maloof Money Cup Hang Time

Skateboarder getting some major hang time at the 2009 Maloof Money Cup. Hosted at the Orange County Fairgrounds, the venue set up an entire ground course, half pipe and “big air” vert wall. Most of the competitors this day were in the 25 and younger crowd, but they could still tear it up like the pros.

year 29 || day 65 – wall ride

Maloof Money Cup Street comp wall ride

Sitting in the stands of the Maloof Money Cup I was able to get some nice shots on the street course without having the impressive “press pass”. My 300mm zoom lens made quick work of the course as I chased down the skaters, lines them in my focal zone and snapped their heads off. You know, something like that. The wall rides were a particularly nice shot because with the judges and ramp for size comparison you can see just how high these amazing athletes were able to nail.

year 29 || day 60 – Maloof vert

Maloof Money Cup vert ramp skater

I got some pretty awesome shots at this year’s Maloof Money Cup at the OC Fair. I also found a new respect for action sports photographers. There’s so much going on that needs to be watched and the added pressure of not wanting to interfere coupled with the reactions and sounds from the massive crowds. It’s not something I’ll ever aim to put on my resumé, but I wouldn’t mind vacationing there from time to time. Luckily for these shots I was able to post up on a nearly empty halfpipe catwalk so I could avoid having to use my “cheap” telephoto lens. Sure, it’s great for slow moving objects when I’ve got a tripod, but for fast-action excitement I’ll gladly use my 50mm.

  • Camera: Canon T2i
  • Focal Length: 50mm
  • Shutter: 1/4000
  • Aperture: f/1.6
  • ISO: 100

year 29 || day 41 – flying purple people eater

Maloof Money Cup skateboarding vert ramp 11 year old

Lets take a little trip. Think back to what you were doing when you were 11. I was probably scrounging up red and purple ant colonies with my friends to pit against each other in an all out war in one of my mother’s pie tins until there was a group of victors that would inevitably meet their doom under a pinpoint precision burn of the magnifying glass. Spoiler alert: the red ants always win! Well, not this little guy. At just 11 years old he’s out there screaming down 40+ foot high vert ramps and flying through the air landing tricks some of the guys double his age hadn’t mastered yet and eventually ending up with a place of 3rd in the vert challenge I witnessed at this year’s Maloof Money Cup. My hats off to ya kid. May the world ahead of you be paved with fishbowls, lined with rails and stacked with stairs.

Photo: year 29 || day 7 – Skateboarding’s Maloof Money Cup

Caught this amateur street skater outside the main stage of the Maloof Money Cup at the OC Fair running a small rail course they had set up for patrons to ride. Just coming off a run on the last rail, I was able to get this pic of him with a quick shutter speed (probably around 1/3200 or 1/4000. Thank you sunlight) and a really high aperture (I think this was 1.4 or 1.6. Love my 50mm) for that nice depth of field look.

On a side note, this being about the fiftieth striped sleeveless I saw topping off some girly-tight jeans, I knew my hope for fashion was dead. Apparently no sleeves is the new flannel, stripes are the new solid and constricting the ‘fellas’ is the only way to combat the knee-low sag of Jnco baggy jeans … who knew!