Keep Calm Teddy KGB

Rounders is one of my all time favorite movies. It’s one of those flicks that I can pick up midway through a commercial break on TNT and watch 30 minutes worth of film in 1.5 hours (Thanks advertising). Anyone who’s seen it and is a fan of poker has at one time or another quoted the great Teddy KGB. This is my little ode… and if you know me, I’m not a fan of the “keep calm” craze, but what the hell, right?!

Movie Rounders Teddy KGB Pay that man his money Oreo cookie

[inspired?] The Deuce Step

The Deuce Step Illustrator Vector Shirt Example

I wish I could retrace the steps that led to this, but it was one of those conversations at work that went from point ‘A’ to point ‘JELLYBEANS!!!!’ in a mere matter of minutes (yeah, we ended up on poo … ). I’m sure someone could refresh my memory, but I’m not sure I want to travel that road again. Despite the selective slight amnesia, an idea was born … The Deuce Step.

I don’t want anyone to think that I’m trying to steal the sweet ass dance moves, so I’ll admittedly say that a quick google images search of “dance pattern” was my inspiration/base for the ‘steps’. I’m not planning on selling this shirt, so hopefully no one will have any problems with me borrowing the pattern for this, clearly for-fun, design. In fact, this is a simple photoshop mockup on a t-shirt template. I respect content.

All that being said, let me know what you think. Hopefully it makes you laugh, maybe cry or maybe even remember a nice pair of sneakers you lost to Fido’s happy little accident.

Portfolio: OCMETRO Cover, 10-08 Obama-McCain

Title: October OCMETRO Cover, What’s at stake for Orange County? Obama – McCain

Client: Churm Media, in association with OCMETRO

Program(s) Used: Quark 6, Illustrator CS2, Photoshop CS2

Time Span: 4 Hours

About: The cover story told of ways that each presidential candidate could effect Orange County, since we’re a hyper-local magazine media company.

Designer Notes: I wanted the cover to look vastly different than anything we’d produced in the past, bringing techniques and ideas which Churm Media hadn’t explored before. The idea of adding in the Orange slices was to really bring the hyper-local aspect to the cover, and to get a nice bright splash of colors.

New Art: Albert Ornelas – Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers artist Albert Ornelas
Name: The Churm Media Band of Brothers
Designer: Albert Ornelas
Programs: Photoshop & Illustrator

Albert Ornelas is the Churm Media jack of all trades. Starting as a graphic designer and moving his way though the ranks to land as a web Specialist, Albert is one of “the band”. The “Band of Brothers” is the group of production guys who work in the heavily woman dominated offices of Churm Media. Over the year of the band’s inception, some have come and gone, but the brotherhood still remains. Taking the inspiration from the bond we have, Albert created his interpretation of the band of brothers. Taking the caricature drawings of the brothers and stylizing them with color, shading, and adorning them with helmets, Albert has created a flag to fly proud for “The Band”.

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Realistic human vector images

Here’s a small collection of what has to offer in it’s “Vector Images” section. These are some photo realistic vector renders of people! Which means they could be lossless up to any size, IT’S VECTOR. With the use of Illustrator and a ton of time, i’ve come up with some pretty photo realistic stuff, but these look flawless to point. I wish i had contact into for each artist so we could get them on here for an Artist Spotlight, but the site i snagged them from is a bit clunky and a little tough to navigate clearly.

VIDEO: “Science Machine” – 40 hour time-lapse in Illustrator

In an effort to not litter my front page with flash plugins of videos, i’ve moved this until after the jump. But it’s an AMAZING video. Time lapse of a 40 hour project by Chad Pugh. The detail that goes into the illustration is stunning, and if you really like ti you can order a full size print. Once you watch the video you’ll be considering it, i know i was. It’s truly an inspiration!

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Free Web 2.0 Gradients & Styles

One of my favorite blog/design/tutorial sites (Deziner Folio) is GIVING away some freaking ridiculous tools for Photoshop (and some for Illustrator as well, but CS3 only. sorry.) The photoshop styles are as simple as loading them to your library, making a text (or floating layer), then clicking the style. WHAM! BAM! Thank you Deziner Folio!

Using the simple one, two, three step process with these wonderful gradients and styles, i transformed the ninethreestudio logo into a web 2.0 work of art. This took me less than 3 minutes! found the colors i wanted, separated my logo into 4 different layers, and clicked! It REALLY is as easy as that…. not like those shotty Tater Mitts on infomercials!

Portfolio: Trigelle Women’s Golf Clothing Ad

Title: Trigelle Women’s Golf Clothing Ad (Full Page Ad)

Client: Churm Media, in association with Southland Golf Magazine

Program(s) Used: Illustrator

Time Span: 2-4 Hours

About: The client, through proxy of Churm Media, wanted a new look for their company, with not a lot of direction other than a logo (*shudder, it’s papyrus) and their product/model photography.

Designer Notes: Using some free download organic brushes in Illustrator i was able to give the client a fresh look for their company. Keeping in mind that they are strictly women’s golf clothing really helped to choose a palette and theme… women love flowers!

Portfolio: PAHR & The Riv, Golf Advertisement

Title: PAHR & The Riv, Golf Advertisement

Client: Churm Media, in association with Southland Golf Magazine

Program(s) Used: Quark, Photoshop, Illustrator

Time Span: 2-3 hours to completion

About: Wanted a fresh new look to compete with other clothing ads in their chosen advertising magazine (southland golf magazine). Direction was for something modern, cutting edge, with supplied logos and photography.

Designer Notes: Finally, an ad that has that “National” feel to it. This was the diamond in the rough of design assignments at Churm Media.