The last issue of “OC METRO”, a new era

Getting ready to prepare the new chapter of my career, here’s a sneak peek of the last issue of “OC METRO” before we officially become “OC Register Metro.” A recent acquisition of Churm Media by Freedom Communications Inc., owners of Orange County Register, has put a new spin on the magazine. Our new mission is Inspiration and Leadership.
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Portfolio: Follow the yellow brick [tutorial] road

My dear love for tutorial doage (yes, that’s now a word) keeps my skills sharp and my knowledge of all things graphic design high. I generally browse through the tutorials pages looking for something to catch my eye that gives me a sense of “how can i incorporate that into one of my Magazine layouts.” On this particular day i was looking through Photoshop Lady’s website to see what new and exciting things the graphic design community had come up with this week. Low and behold, there it was. A Gel Button effect in photoshop to rival MANY gel button tutorials on the “market”. And trust me, i’ve done many of them. Most of them good, and get you to the goal you’re set out for, but this one had so much glamour that i knew i’d have to see how it was accomplished. So, not to bore you with the details or to try and explain the steps i’ll just give you a link so you can test for yourself. All in all, once i got a subject for the ‘logo’, this tutorial took me about 5-10 minutes, then add another 5 for personal tweaks and adjustments.

So without further ado, here’s my rendition of the tutorial (via 3nhanced)…. after the jump [click image for full size].
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Web2Expo Speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library)

web2expoI just took a little break from my Saturday work day at Churm Media to watch a video that may have just put an impact on my life… and hopefully will get around virally enough to get people up off their asses and doing something they love to do, not just grinding their ways though life trying to make sure the rent is paid with a job you hate rolling out of bed for. I mean. c’mon…. look at me. I’m working on a saturday! haha!

note to self… book flight to next web2expo… check.. and check.

Full length video after the jump.
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The relationship between agency and client…

nullAny designer who knows their place in the word of agency living knows that there’s that ugly separation between sales, design and management. There is always going to be someone trying to make the sale and promise aspects of design to clients at the minimal cost, because, hey, they need to make the sale. There’s always going to be management telling you that now the sale is made you have to manage to deliver in the time frame that they also promised client X. And lastly there’s the designers who have to take the foot of sales and management and deliver on the goods. In a perfect world there would be a great seamless line of open communication, but in the REAL world everyone’s “too busy” to make time to find out exactly what a client wants, which leads us to our good old friend “revision”. How ya doing buddy??

Thanks again Justin at Big Head Design. You never fail to deliver the goods! Must have been a slow morning for you.

Artist Spotlight: Arnold Gustavo Lopez Mañas

Arnold Gustavo Lopez Mañas - Experimental 1Arnold Gustavo Lopez Mañas - Experimental 2Arnold Gustavo Lopez Mañas - Experimental 3These images just happen to be a VERY small portion of what this artist has to offer on his website. They just ended up being my favorite of his series, which is a VERY tough comparison with so much captivating artwork.

With one of the sickest portfolio design websites i’ve seen and some killer artwork, Arnold Gustavo Lopez Mañas is by far one of the most talented artists i’ve seen. His style reflects the type of art and visuals that muse me and drive me to create. Great find thanks to Why Me? via Pristina.

Surely to become a frequented artists page that i keep up to date with!

In a different series, pictured below, is hands down my favorite piece from Mañas. Must be those birds. HA!
Arnold Gustavo Lopez Mañas - Rockmantic

Creative advertising: concept to execution

Creative Advertising - Use only what you needEvery designer has heard the tired old expression “form follows function”. Well, the following designers took that and tossed it out the window. This is more Function follows form. Every one of these was designed with surroundings in mind, materials accounted for and logistics calculated. The agencies that produced these must have made a buck or two in their days of glory.

To read more about these advertisements check out Big Head Design and Toxel. Thanks again for another great post Jusin at BHD.

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