So… yeah… NSFW?

Ahhhh… just a relaxing day at the Getty Museum. Nothing but the somber sounds of the freeway hum passing by and the warm breeze of the Santa Ana winds passing across the balconies and catwalks. Bouncing from exhibit to exhibit, painting to sculpture to gardens … Ohh yeah, and then to this little guy. Presumably an idol for virility or some such thing, but 100% a photo opportunity. Taken back too much by the laughter and pure comedy of this piece, I completely forgot to take a shot of the placard to get all the glorious info and, probably accurate, story. So, for now I leave you with “Little man and his little man riding on an ass.” You’re welcome.

year 29 || day 45 – Getty flowers

The Getty Museum garden flower

Living in the world of my pal, Macro, opens up a whole new set of possibilities. Clearly, less gravity would be awesome. Flying around on flower petals like you were Aladdin himself … but be careful of the birds. Setting up home in the pollen-laced walls of a bud with stamens to climb and harvest. Traveling the dark caverns of an abandoned anthill with nothing more than the light from your cigarette ash torch to guide you. Yeah, I’d vacation my mind in that world. Just me and my pal, Macro.

year 29 || day 13 – Closeup bee w/ pollen legs

The Getty museum - bee with pollen legs on flower
Caught this striped bandit trying to pollinate get busy with some flowers in the Getty Museum Gardens. Despite only having the Canon T2i kit lens at the time, the macro capabilities were pretty awesome, and also pretty focussed, seeing as the zoom factor was around 50mm or so because my girly fear of flying insects with stingers humanitarian spirit didn’t want to disturb the pollination process. If you look closely you can see his mustache!

Macro photography opens up a whole new perspective on the world, and shooting scenes like this really gets my palms itching to spring for a nice Macro lens with some IS. “Someday she will be mine, ohh yes, she will be mine.”

Minor editing in Photoshop. Color adjust, dodge and burn, slight “lomo” effect.

year 29 || day 11 – the Getty

The J. Paul Getty Trust - Bronze Statue Biting Baby Hand
I like to call this little diddy “Old man Bearded brute with a hunger for babies infantile delicacies.” Okay, okay… so I don’t remember the real name, but I think mine is fitting. This was taken on an artistic, inspiration gathering trip to the J. Paul Getty Trust, or “the Getty” as us art folk like to call it. Cast from bronze, I’m sure this piece made for some interesting conversations on the coffee table of some overzealous Roman prince.

(Clearly I know nothing about this piece and smart me didn’t even think to take a snap of the placard that was with it. world – 1, Luke – 0… you will rue the day world… rue the day…)