It’s an Allstar Weekend. What?

Ladies, ladies, ladies…. ermmm little girls? Calm down. They’re just Disney teen pop sensations. No reason to… ohh? I get it, the one in the extra tight pants is just so “extra super cute”. I’ll let you have this one, but remember, someday those boys will have facial hair and groupies… you’ve been warned.

year 29 || day 15 – Allstar Weekend on stage

Disney's Allstar Weekend on stage in Irvine California
Admittedly, before the freelance photography job to shoot for IPSF’s (Irvine Public Schools Foundation) iJam Festival, I’d never even heard of Disney’s Allstar Weekend. Or the other bands playing with them for that matter; School Gyrls, Evan Taubenfeld, Motormouth or Army of Sun. (guess that’s beyond my years!) But the little girls went crazy for these guys, and knew practically every word. I salute the babysitter and it’s dull glow of the Disney Channel 12 hours a day. I’m sure if I were a 12-year-old girl and pre-pubescent I would have been excited too to see a band live! But despite my lack of knowledge of all things Mickey-eared, the event was a total success. A field littered with booths and activities for the fundraiser and all topped off with a massive stage for the teeny boppers to go wild on. All in all, a sunny, fun, stress free day.