Kristen on the Queen Mary

Working at a media/publishing company often comes with some much appreciated perks. One being the opportunity for travel articles. Kristen Schott, Web Editor at Churm Media, was given the article lead for a piece on Hotel Maya in Downtown Long Beach, California. Within walking distance is the historic Queen Mary. Stopping for a blood sugar test, I seized the opportunity for this low light, wide-aperture shot with my 50mm.

year 29 || day 23 – Pupils like onyx

Frankie Cat laying ready to pounce

Looking like she was ready to pounce the camera, Frankie laid in the middle of the living room, wide-eyed. The room was dimly lit, so Frankie’s pupils were wide open, and without the need of a flash I was able to get off a bunch of shots at different focal lengths without the light disturbing her. Although her growing love of food didn’t keep her still for very long once I got down on the carpet with her. She thought that it was time to play, then eat … the normal routine.

Lucky for me that my 50mm can stop down to 1.4, otherwise I don’t think I could have gotten this shot.

year 29 || day 19 – Photo booth at the OC Fair

Kristen Schott inspecting her photo booth pictures at the Orange County Fair

Packing one-by-one into a little photo booth at the Orange County Fair, Kristen and her friends crammed, shoved and fought their way into the tiny space. The 3 fellas, myself included, waiting, laughing nearby as the flailing of feet and shins peering out from the bottom of the mini curtain proved to be too much to not break a smile and let out a chuckle. The simple joy it brought these 4 girls was enough to make anyone passing by stop and notice. Especially compared to the 3 younger girls, dressed in their Raider best, in the booth to the right waiting for their gangsta-lean photos to cook in the photo booth oven. Eye contact was ill-advised with these ladies. No telling when their 10-years-too-old, grilled corn wielding boyfriends might come wondering back with an anger from the overpriced beer fix. (I’m not making judgments, just observations. Don’t hate mail me. haha)

Shot with my T2i loaded with the 50mm, flash-less, while the ladies gathered for the all-important review of their $6 photos freshly baked from the machine. Slight “lomo” effect added in photoshop for that hip, cool, aged “authenticity”.