Sucker for the birds…

Amuneal - Laser Etched Bird ArtAmuneal - Laser Etched Bird Art 2Maybe there’s something wrong with me, but i can’t get enough of art containing shilouette birds (Hence the branding of my logo). I’m not even a fan of birds, the live ones, but when i see the artwork of a knocked-out, black dove or crow (or any bird for that matter) i can’t help but stop, stare and analyze. NOW this company, Amuneal, has gone and made wall art and laser cut metal shelving, coat racks, etc. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO NOW!? Too poor to afford the stuff, not smart enough to not want it. haha. Thanks life, you’ve won this round! ….. quick, staring contest… you and me… GO!

“…It was a beautiful space, and with the right lighting the shadows were gorgeous… equally fascinating were their business card holders where the birds were popped out and bent as you pleased to hold the cards between them. See images of the booth on the next page…”


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