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Abduzeedo has added an awesome post about a fun, creative way to create a CD cover. After i read this post i got addicted, neglected work, and did about 6 of these things… 3 of which actually came to fruition.

Here’s the steps….

Do you know when saw that new band cd and thought: “how in the world did they think of that”? Well, someone out there figured out the equation, and man, it’s really fun.

And what equation is that? Simple:

1. Click HERE. The random article title will be your band’s name.
2. Click HERE. The last 4 words of the last quote will form the name of your album.
3. Click HERE. The third picture, whatever it is, will be your cd cover.

Done! Now you got the formula to make some funny, yet great albums. I’ve actually made about 6 last night, and my favorite, by far, is this one.

So. following these easy steps, Here’s what i came up with.
PLEASE feel free to follow these steps and submit your own. it’s addicting, and fun! see what kinds of covers YOU can come up with!

CD Cover - City Upon A HillCD Cover - Moor ParkCD Cover - Sophomore Jinx


  • Brand_one

    Ew ew ew stop!

    The Russian Musical Society

  • Brand_one

    Typographical Personification

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  • Armagh Prison

    Bullet (comics)

    Models 1 Agency

  • Goo! I’m going to get addicted to this!
    Savage Weekend

    • I know!! Brandon and I got hooked for a while. I was thinking about re-instituting this as one of our next “Design contests”. Thoughts?

    • I think this would be fun for a design contest, certainly! I do think opening up the parameters just a tiny bit would be helpful (like say anything on the first flickr page rather than just the 3rd image). But that’s just me. :D

    • I agree. Sometimes that 3rd image is a bear to work with. Although i guess that’s part of the challenge. haha.

  • no way! ok this is hilariously great

    • Jen, you should submit one!

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