STRIKE in Orange County premier opening

Luke and Kristen at STRIKE bowling alley - Photobooth, Take 1Luke and Kristen at STRIKE bowling alley - Photobooth, Take 2Hey look! It’s a me (the man) and a Kristen (the occasional woman) behind the ninethreestudio posts! The man, and sometimes the occasional woman, behind these lovely blog posts. (EDIT: After re-reading this, i realized this almost made it sound like i was an occasional woman. It made me laugh, so i decided to leave it in to show you just how my hamster-on-a-wheel brain works, enjoy.) Where you ask? Ohh, in a photo booth…. okay, okay. STRIKE bowling alley in Orange County had some hoopla event grand opening thing hosted by Lauren Conrad. Yadda Yadda Yadda. Lots of people, free food, booze and bowling… ho hum ho hum…. and now the good stuff. Justice, from American Gladiators… yeah, he was there. I’m not the shortest guys in the world, and he still towered over me. I got all giddy and told Kristen, “Look, there’s that huge dude from American Gladiators!”, then the glaze over of uninterest, but i didn’t let it phase me. haha.