Shortrcut Keyboards for your Mac

Finally! Someone has taken the sleek, intuitive design of the apple keyboards and made them even better. For anyone learning, who already knows, or wants that constant reminder that SHORTCUTS ARE THE WAY TO BE EFFICIENT (cough cough, sorry, I’m a little adamant about efficiency), here’s your solution. They come in a couple different formats, and just skin right over your current keyboard.

Available for Photoshop, Aperture, Final Cut Pro/Express, Pro Tools, After Effects & Logic Pro and on the hardware for MacBook Pro, Macbook (Black and White), Macbook Air, Apple Thin Keyboard, Apple Thin Wireless Keyboard & Apple Classic Keyboard.

Luke’s to do list: 1. Convince boss to splurge the $40 dollars…. 3. Take over the world.

Thanks SwissMiss for the link! Thanks PhotoJoJo for the product!!