Quiksilver hosts All 80s All Day Vert Challenge

Quiksilver ALL 80s ALL DAY VERT CHALLENGE Secret Location

Quiksilver, a Huntington Beach-based lifestyle and apparel brand, held a flashback to the 80s contest on Saturday, Dec. 6, in conjunction with Tony Hawk and his newest business venture, shredordie.com, a Web site where everyone from top athletes to everyday users can post their favorite sports clips.

Launched in October 2007, the site had very little press coverage – until now, that is. The All 80s All Day Vert Challenge, held at Quiksilver’s headquarters, featured 21 well-known skaters of the 80s, such as Huntington Beach native Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero and Bucky Lasek. These skateboarders – now successful business people – were decked out from head to toe in 80s garb.

Hawk flashed back to his roots with his blue shirt – worn in the 1987 skate film “The Search for Animal Chin” — highlighted hair and, of course, his bright pink skate deck, which he got out of storage specifically for the daylong challenge. Hosoi outfitted himself in spandex pants and a cutoff T-shirt, finishing off the ensemble with a wig. Pink highlights, ripped denim and high tops were some of the other flashy fashions worn during the event.

But the skaters weren’t the only ones who dressed up. More than 800 people attended – and they were required to don clothing popular during that time period. Side ponytails, bright pink high heels and hoop earrings were in abundance – and that’s just the girls! Guys wore torn T-shirts, big hair, suspenders – the works.

Amidst all the 80s mayhem, a skate competition ensued. The 80s-style vert ramp and skate decks proved to be a challenge for the skaters, but they were determined to skate to the best of their abilities.

“We gotta ride the real deal here,” says Hawk. And they certainly did. With 80s punk bands like The Ramones and The Clash playing in the background, the skaters competed in three challenges: Vert Challenge, Big Air Session and Jam Session.

Cash prizes were awarded to the first through 11th place winners, and Hawk took home the first place prize of $1,980, which he distributed amongst the skaters who didn’t place. Other awards include the Overall 80s, which went to Hosoi, and the Big Air, which went to Bucky Lasek.

The only video allowed at the event was from shredordie.com, which will release it, relying on the viral lure of Internet video to get the word out about the site’s features to action-sports buffs.

Quiksilver also debuted some of its Spring 2009 collection – with an 80s theme, of course. The brightly colored, printed and patterned vintage fashions were on display in the company’s expansive headquarters. The vintage outfits will be available in January.

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For more videos on the event visit shredordie.com.


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