Portfolio: HALFrican-american

In the spirit of the presidential election, inspiration hit me. Up until the election was over no one really heard about the “race issue”, but once Barack was crowned king (figuratively speaking, of course) of our great nation it seems like that was the ONLY thing everyone had to talk about. I understand it’s a great time for our nation’s history and whatnot, but the negative connotation places on the issue of race is just sickening… So, long story short, this little bit-o-inspiration hit me.

Please don’t flame me or send me hate mail. This is NOT a racist message, it’s an observational render.

If you’re a supporter of the arts, like Obama, hate Obama, are half African-American or just feel like scoring some sweet swag… then check out My HALFricanUSA Cafe Press store. All the proceeds will go to keeping my refrigerator fully stocked with Mauntain Dew and Dr. Pepper. Thanks!


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