Portfolio: An Ode to a Flickr user…

Playing my own little game of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon led me to an image, which inspired this little “re-design” or complete design guessing how you interpret it.

Okay, now let’s explain… I was on my google reader (1), found a link through we heart it (2), Liked what one of the users was “hearting” and clicked through to his profile to find the original photo (3), which was a link through a ffffound site (4), via flickr user shaderlab (5). Pretty fun ehh? So, i have to give credit where credit is due. I didn’t QUITE get my full 6 degrees, but if you count opening the browser as 1 i can cheat my score a little i guess.

On a side note, the Oracle of Bacon website will let you play your own game of Six Degrees. I was never able to get more than a bacon score of 3!! So, if you play around with some names and happen to get a good combo, leave me a comment with the names.

Full size image after the jump.



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