Portfolio: 2-08 OC Family Cover

Title: 2-08 OC Family Cover

Client: Churm Media, in association with OC Family Magazine

Program(s) Used: Photoshop & Quark

Time Span: 5 Hours (Including the photo shoot)

About: Cover for the February 2008 OC Family Magazine. The feature was “What is Love?”. Students from 4 different grades were asked the question and the best/cutest/most heart-warming answered were published as the cover story.

Designer Notes: This cover and January’s cover were for a photo shoot all rolled into one day, my first. Needless to say i was a bit nervous, not 100% sure what i was doing, but had some great guidance from Sonia Chung (Art Director for OC METRO BUSINESS magazine) to help me along my way.


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