Portfolio: 10-11-07 OC Life: Stage Layout

10-11-07 OCMETRO OC Life LayoutTitle: 10-11-07 OC Life: Stage Layout

Client: Churm Media, in association with OCMETRO BUSINESS Magazine

Program(s) Used: Phototshop & Quark

Time Span: 1 Hour

About: Prior to the redesign of OCMETRO BUSINESS magazine, the section OC LIFE was the place to get on the pulse of what’s going on in Orange County, California. This particular layout was was written for a review of the Slidebar Rock N Roll Café.

Designer Notes: Early in my career at Churm Media, as a Graphic Designer (Now Art Director), I played things safe, by the book. I soon learned that i had a lot of insightful, fresh new ideas to lend to the editorial pages that had been assigned to me, whereas previously i was strictly designing ads. This was one of my early chances to show the company something new, something they’d shyed away from before, for whatever reason. Large images are ALWAYS eye catching, so with my newfound responsibility I set out to make a name for myself in the staff boxes and directories of Churm Media and OCMETRO BUSINESS magazine.