Photoshop Tennis, or as the Chinese call it, Photoshop Tennis

Photoshop Tennis - \"Build it\"Revolutionary! Sleek! Sweeping the nation! Call in the 10 minutes and we’ll throw in the Flickr pool Photoshop Tennis!!

Basically a community of folks who pick a “game” (a photo), set a couple of ground rules, then let it loose in the forums for their members and readers to pass along changing one thing at a time and handing it off to the next lucky boy or girl! I think it’s GENIUS!! I’m sure they’re not the first to do it, and won’t be the last, but they might be the best right now. With the Flickr community being so huge, it’s got some talent floating around in it’s kiddie pool. A game end when no one posts to the specific forum anymore, or the timeline is met (also can be stated in the rules). So, go follow a feed, open your photoshop or GIMP and let the tennis match begin!

Thanks Abduzeedo for the knowledge that is Flickr Photoshop Tennis. (This particular photo set is from the game “Build It”)