Photo: year 29 || day 7 – Skateboarding’s Maloof Money Cup

Caught this amateur street skater outside the main stage of the Maloof Money Cup at the OC Fair running a small rail course they had set up for patrons to ride. Just coming off a run on the last rail, I was able to get this pic of him with a quick shutter speed (probably around 1/3200 or 1/4000. Thank you sunlight) and a really high aperture (I think this was 1.4 or 1.6. Love my 50mm) for that nice depth of field look.

On a side note, this being about the fiftieth striped sleeveless I saw topping off some girly-tight jeans, I knew my hope for fashion was dead. Apparently no sleeves is the new flannel, stripes are the new solid and constricting the ‘fellas’ is the only way to combat the knee-low sag of Jnco baggy jeans … who knew!