Photo: year 29 || day 5

This summer in Costa Mesa, CA SUP for a Pup held it’s 2nd annual sample sale/dog adoption/vendor tent event. If you’re like me, even after going to the event I still didn’t get why it was called ‘SUP’ for a pup, so after some research, and complete un-obserrvationalism (look it up) on my part, it stands for Stand Up Paddle . With puppies and dogs everywhere it was tough to resist the urge no not snag one up and add a new addition to our apartment-living family. This little fella was just looking for a new home. Penned with 3 dogs easily 6+ years his younger, this old chap was fighting for his territory on the 2×2 puppy pad. Clearly age wins over youth in a battle of king of the pad, because small as he was, this guy held his throne with a mighty growl and an attack that forced the volunteers to break up the court and boot a couple jesters.