Photo of the… #11

Flickr - CTRL-F5 Black EyeFeeling in a destructive mood, i decided to post this nice little shiner for the photo of the day. Yup, one more for the books. Buying myself an exotic sixxer when i get a full 2 weeks worth. then i’ll have some quality posts. HAHA.

Great image from Flickr user CTRL-F5. Thanks.

For some reason this is the only photo i like of myself, i think its the colors that i like. I use this pic in most of my profile photos on all the sites i am a member of, and to answer everyone’s question.. No it is not photoshopped, it is real.
I gained this magnificent shiner just before xmas 2002, which isnt the best time to get facial bruising.

A drunk guy tried to start an argument with me on my way home from work (i was sober). After walking away from him he (or a friend) hit me with his car, my head hit the windscreen and this is the result. Fortunately this was the only damage i got.. I think i must a thick head and legs.

And a follow up five days later (after a shave)