makes the rigorous Alltop cut! makes the alltop cutWell well well, Justin at Big Head Design no longer stands alone in the bowels of Alltop’s gut. has been accepted to the king’s court… maybe as a jester, but i’m in. The foot in the door is all it takes to someday overthrow the throne, right? haha. Give us a follow, there’s big things to come this year for… BIG THINGS!

On a side note, i guess our site was so good that they had to list it twice. Once as “NINETHREE STUDIO” and once as “NINETHREESTUDIO.COM”. Hey, double exposure, I’ll take it! Chalk one up to the internet glitch gods. Screenshot after the jump…. ohh yeah, and Justin’s blog Big Head Design is on there too. Props to the design bloggers of the world!



  • It’s about time you posted this! you’ve been on there for a few weeks already! (or perhaps i need to lay off the drugs).

    CONGRATS MY FRIEND! your site is well-deserved to be there.

    Justin Moore-Brown’s last blog post..Please DO sweat the small stuff.

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