New Found Glory, err Passion…

Well well well… Blog being neglected, check!

Mail going unoppened for weeks at a time, check!

Girlfriend being neglected, check! (hey, I’m not proud of it!)

Work taking a driver’s seat… always… BUT, I’ve managed to find a new spark to make me feel like I’m being creative again. About a month or so ago I entered the world of digital photography, again. My previous dabble involved an over priced, underperforming Nikon point and shoot (god help me if I ever have to buy another Nikon) and I thought I was hot shit with my infinite depth of field and complete inability to take a decent indoors shot without blowing everyone away into a red-eye haze of pretty little spots against they’re closed eyelids… Yeah, I was hot shit. Watch out birthday parties because those memories you wanted to save just might be a little to intimate when grandpa slices off little billy’s finger because he’s blinded by 8 watts of pure single-bulb action while cutting the birthday cake grammy made! Ahhh, what a scrapbook moment it would make.

Anyhow, I digress. Bashing Nikon wasn’t my intent, but instead bragging about my brand new Canon T21 was! This camera makes me feel like I actually have a hobby again… Been a while, I know. My inner child has been on mind-numbing Ritalin and number crunching in Excel spreadsheets for far too long! The first week all I had was a kit lens (18-55mm), a battery that seemed to never die and a New Found Passion (see what I did there) for something, well, new! It felt amazing to look at trash in the street or someone’s lip-crusted old cigarette butt and think, “ART!”. Like I do when I find anything I like, I latched on… and HARD! Within the first month now I’ve amassed 3 lenses, a tripod, a backpack camera bag and a loathing from my girlfriend every time I just “test out the settings” on her. (Side note: I think it’s my super power to catch the most beautiful people in some of the most unflattering facial expressions… I should bottle and sell this skill!) I think I’m on the right track.

So, as always, my hope is to start updating more frequently and actually get some of my work out there for the world to see. I mean, really, I’m hot shit again!


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