Music Review: Weezer (self titled, Red Album)

Weezer - Self Titled, Red AlbumNot sure how, or where i heard this album in it’s near entirety, (must have been a little birdy) but this album is going to be great. They hit a home run with the single “Pork and Beans” (Video Link) and the tracks to follow are powerful stand-alone ballads in themselves. Many fans lost a bit of Weezer fortitude when they “changed format” on their Maladroit album, and others became new fans because they finally felt that Rivers’ came into his own and stopped writing the kind of music that made them want to love puppies and call their mothers again. With all the new tracks on this upcoming album fans in each Weezer genre will have something to look forward to. The song “Heart Songs” is a great example of Rivers’ writing ability. It’s a nice slow progression song filled with heart and soul. The medley of songs and the story he tells prove that he’s not just some cookie cutter song writer, but that he actually lives the experiences he’s writing about. In “Everybody Get Dangerous” the band picks the pace back up and mixes in some nice electric riffs with the occasional synth twang thrown in for the perfect blend of sound. These guys know how to do everything right!

Also, as a bonus, for those of you who like the other guys in the band, the entire band gets a change to let their voices be heard on this Red, catchy record! So, Mark your calendars for June 3rd and go splurge the $15 (hey, $9.99 at Target if you’re lucky).

ninethreestudio rates this album a 4 of 5.
i couldn’t jump out of the gates with a 5, but we’ll see in the coming months if i have to revisit this. C’mon music industry, make me proud!


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