In a perfect world of design

Blogging… browsing… clicking… end of the internets… la di da dee da… khaaaaaaaaaaan… lolcats… GOLD!

Justin over at Big Head Design has found the designers’ credo, or mantra if you will. In a perfect design world we could hit all 3 of these points; Speed, Quality, and Cost. In reality, it’s a bit different. There’s Speed and Cost, which doesn’t usually equal Quality (I’m talking Waterworld vs. Gigli here). Then there’s Speed and Quality, which doesn’t equal Cost (If you want something fast and good, then it’s not going to be cheap. Rush jobs = more money). And lastly there’s Quality and Cost, which means you won’t be getting your project for a while.

So, while all clients would love to think that their designer is the rare breed, the gem in the sack of stones, their “more than a designer, he’s a friend”… us designers still need to get paid for our services. There’s a balance of getting all 3 price points, and i’m sure if they money is right they can be hit. But our time is very valuable, and that’s a good thing.

As many freelancer/service providers will tell you, everybody wants top quality stuff on time and cheaply. OCDesignGuy posted this amazingly awesome story that reinforces the importance of not undervaluing ourselves for a sale.

“A client will ideally want all 3 of them, but it is almost impossible for us as service providers to give all of our client all 3 aspects while trying to stay sane and make a living.”


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