I’m Speechlessly Amazed – FLARToolKit Augmented Reality

I’m really not sure that there’s words that describe my first reaction to this Augmented Reality other than “ahh-buhhhh?”

I’ll be damned if i didn’t call everyone in the office within yelling range over to my cubicle to watch the fascination, and with reactions pretty much the same all the way across the board, it seems as if this technology is going to be turning all KINDS of heads in the near future!!

To see for yourself make sure you have a webcam and a printer. Ohh, and a preparedness to be AMAZED! Go to GE’s website and follow their instructions. If you don’t have a webcam or printer, click through to watch the video i’ve posted.

After doing some digging i found out the technology is called FLARToolKit. (More info here)

Thanks Creative Bits for the info!

Video of this phenomenal technology after the jump.