Free Web 2.0 Gradients & Styles

One of my favorite blog/design/tutorial sites (Deziner Folio) is GIVING away some freaking ridiculous tools for Photoshop (and some for Illustrator as well, but CS3 only. sorry.) The photoshop styles are as simple as loading them to your library, making a text (or floating layer), then clicking the style. WHAM! BAM! Thank you Deziner Folio!

Using the simple one, two, three step process with these wonderful gradients and styles, i transformed the ninethreestudio logo into a web 2.0 work of art. This took me less than 3 minutes! found the colors i wanted, separated my logo into 4 different layers, and clicked! It REALLY is as easy as that…. not like those shotty Tater Mitts on infomercials!