EverSave may Ever Save my …

Finally. someone has heard the plea of designers and programers across the world!! Everyone who works long hours slaving over a computer screen knows the “zone” in which saving becomes less and less important because you feel as if it will break your zen. I doubt it’s just me who feels this way. I’ve gone from concept to completion on a few project all the while forgetting that happy little command+S… and don’t get me wrong, it sure has bitten me in the ass on more than one occasion.

Scenario: Working on a magazine layout for Churm Media, still being stuck in Quark without the wonderful auto-recover features of InDesign, while being in the “zone” and working for 30 minutes plus to finally come up against the beach ball… the ohh-so-hated beach ball. So, i wait… hope… wait some more, only to have the next screen fade from my yes and the “send error report” window taunt me like a little demon who knows the failure of my non-saving ways. Flash forward to THIS little helper, EverSave.

EverSave… is a free application for the Mac which saves your documents on regular intervals based on your preferences. You can save on all applications or just a select few and most importantly it seems to work with any application!

Thank you SwissMiss [via The Next Web [via lifehacker [via Cool OSX Apps]]] for this AMAZING product… and it’s FREE!


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