Doesn’t anyone PROOF these things??!?

Let me guess… the same people making logos like these are the same folks that are designing their logos in papyrus… right. they have to be… no designer worth their weight in that little black stuff you find on the bottom of your mouse would let something like these slip through the cracks!

So. let’s recap in respective order, in the cleanest way possible:
• Little person head-height (no pun intended) to the taller fellow… shouldn’t this the NAMBLA logo??
• Either one person bending another person over, or some seriously messed up conjoined twins.
• C’mon, really? kidSEXchange…. one more time for anyone who might have missed that… kidSEXchange.
• It’s a penis folks… a penis…. for shame!!

Thanks again to Justin over at Big Head Designs for helping to make me a bit better of a designer, and a hundred times better proof checker.