30, The countdown

Dear self, Welcome to the last year of your twenties

30, The countdown
This past friday was the big two nine. Another year down and one step close to that ill-fated ‘hill’. This past year has been busy, but good to me; Full-time job at Churm Media, closing the gap on a 4-year anniversary. Nearly full-time freelance position for RipeOrange as their Creative Director. And still neglecting my blog… severely, but never completely forgetting about it. This year I’ve made some resolutions to myself to turn the latter around. My goal is to update regularly with at least one tutorial/lesson per month, one design piece per week and putting my new found passion (Previous Post) for photography to the test with a photo a day. That’s right, my goal is for 429 posts to bring me to the top of the proverbial hill of life. Wish me luck, comment often and critique till your fingers can critique no more.

(note: as you may have noticed, I’m ALREADY 3 days behind… so I’m going to do some quick catch up. It’s not cheating if it’s on myself, right?)

photo by: TheRogue (via flickr)


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