Cubeecraft. “The extra ‘e’ is for Easy!”

Cubeecraft Luke Hodsdon Stay Puft Hard at work. Churm Media.By the power of Grayskull, i came across a huge time waster productive site. As always, i love to share these kinds of things with my community. Let me break it down for you. click, click, click.. sever is down at work… click click… internet is working though… SHAZAAAAM!! *angels sing*

Ok, i may be paraphrasing a bit there, but i think you get the point. By utilizing a person’s sense of self worth when they create something by hand and the keen graphic design templates that produce MANY characters imaginable, was born. cubecraft_character004Being a child of the 80’s i WAS awfully tempted to have a little paper craft Pee-Wee Herman w/ Chairy, but then decided to settle on the infamous Stay Puft Marshmallow man (thank you ghostbusters!). X-acto in hand i began the semi-tedious process of cutting across the lines. Taking a minute to feel like i was back in crafts school, i carried on. 7-10 short minutes later the payoff was at hand, excuse the pun. Mini Stay Puff will now guard my cubicle from would-be assassins… errr well, not really… *mumbles* just don’t cross the streams…

Now, head on over to (Don’t forget the extra ‘e’ or you, like me, will end up in an internet black hole of asian characters) and cut yourself a little desk mate. Post a comment with a photo of yourself and the little fella, i’d love to see ’em.


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