BlahblahFish… Fun for everyone!

Ahhh, and again i thank the world for google and their google reader! Digging through my nearly 100 subscriptions now Bits & Pieces shines through the drudge again. One visit to the site and you’ll be thoroughly entertained for a good half of your intense work day. Bosses beware, ha!

Step 1: Enter phrase…
I decided to go with the tried and true “Nine Three Studio. Designer by trade, artist by passion.” Hey, it seemed fitting. Don’t judge.

Step 2: Choose your desired language to be BlahblahFished.

Step 3: Results! And much mumbled laughter.

  • Italian: Study nine three. Planner through commerce, artist from passion.
  • Greek: Studio nine three. Designer from the trade, artist from the passion.
  • Welsh: ‘ heartburn son-in-law ‘ heartburn Three Studio. Designer to market , artist to heat.
  • Swedish: Nine Three Studio. Designer by trade , artist wide candle.
  • Latin: Nine Three Stud. Intention very monastic rule , author very passion.
  • Serbian: Nine Three Studio. Designer at bargain , artist at emotion.
  • Norwegian: Nine Three The workrooms. Design by trade , is not circulating perforate at delight.
  • Russian: In mother russia, Studio nine three you! Just kidding

Well…. clearly about 1/3 of the way through my post the internets gods decided they didn’t want me to spread the gospel. My work’s firewall has blocked BlahblahFish from me midway through my copy and paste spree. sigh. To be continued from a remote local, aka my home office.

UPDATE: Well i was able to get a couple more funny ones up there. Enjoy. Surf the link. Create your own funny!