Big Head does it again: Typography

Big Head Design has a great article up on his design blog site about the powerful use of typography. It’s amazing to me how typography alone can bring an entire project together. The example above is just one of thousands that demonstrate this concept to perfection. It’s Clean, Simple, Elegant, and, as Justin at Big Head Design puts it, “green…’s so HOT right now”.

Thanks Justin for another Great post.

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The folks over at Smashing Magazine always have some great examples of design that really inspires one to go out and design, only to realize that it comes out nothing like they planned. The above photo, for example, is one of many examples of some great experimental typography. This one stood out the most as it is very representative of the corporate, minimalist, feel of many ads i have come across lately in the advertising world.

Great, quirky use of a common phrase, with a slight twist that gives this a whole new meaning. Nice contrasting colors (green…’s so HOT right now) and you have a very powerful piece built solely on typography.