Artist Spotlight: Scott Wade

Scott Wade - Dust Car Art - Pet FestScott Wade - Dust Car Art - Ford Escape 1Scott Wade - Dust Car Art - Ford Escape 2Scott Wade - Dust Car Art - Ford Escape 3Scott Wade - Dust Car Art - Birthday Bob

“Uhhhh, yeah… das dustgusting” – Leon Phelps, The Ladies Man
c’mon…. anyone… anyone get that reference? haha

So, growing up in the desert and delivering pizza for the latter years of my high school career (and, cough cough, a couple college years as well) gives me a little bit of knowledge on the accumulation of dust on the back windows of cars. Dirt roads were no stranger to me. Mostly we’d just write obscenities on our fellow co-workers back windshields in mirror, so they could get a nice “how do ya do?” when they go to check their rearview, but this is ingenious! Scott Wade uses his artistic talent to “paint” murals on the dusty windows of cars… apparently living down a dirt road was some sort of inspiration for him as well! My inspiration was mostly dirt bikes and jumping the “doodle bug” out in the sticks… but who’s really quantifying talent here… wait, i am… fail!

Visit Scott’s web page to see more of these amazing artwork pieces. Discovered through Studio 83 (Beta) via Neatorama


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