Artist Spotlight: Art & Ghosts

Art & GhostsClick… oooh. Click… Ahhh. Thank you NotCot! Taking an evening break on Memorial day to check what the web has to offer, and to my surprise it’s been a very busy day. I Guess some people never take a holiday!

So, through the blogs and the superbad, a little sliver of dismay caught my eye. (via Art & Ghosts) The series, Séance, Can be found through Art & Ghost’s Photostream on Flickr for better resolution and to catch an eye on all the fascinating textures. This beautiful artwork is darkly inspired by the book ‘The Other World’, as the artist states.

On a personal note, i love when an artist can find inspirations and turn them to a reality. Working for the magazine that i do, i’m constantly looking through any publication for the smallest bit of inspiration, and today i found that on a cover of SPIN magazine. Keep your eyes peeled, you never know when your muse is going to give you the cattle prod you’ve been waiting for.