Artist Spotlight: Andrzej Dragan

Andrzej Dragan, a quantum physics expert, from Warsaw, 30…. yeah… he’s 30! Getting multiple accommodations and prestiges, this young artist if spilling from the brim with skill. His photography has a very unique quality to it that’s sure to be emulated, replicated and stolen. But isn’t that when you know you’ve made it as an artist? The point where people want to have “your style” and their works are just “Dragan-like”. I know it’s my goal as an artist. Maybe i’m a special snowflake… nah!

Dragan uses and extremeness quality to his photographs, capturing extreme contrast while maintaining quality of light and shadow. Most of these works look like some sort of HDR hybrid, not quite HDR, but all the qualities of lighting found within them. Busyboo has posted a quick 10 step tutorial showing how to try to emulate this process for use on your own photography (see, once you’re good, people want to look like you)

So, if you’ve got an extra couple thousand dollars lying around littering the very ground you walk on, you too can be the owner of your very own Dragan print. Hell, at that price tag he’ll probably even sign it and seal it with the blood of his firstborn. Well… maybe just the signature.

Ohh, and P.S. his website is AMAZING! runs a bit slow in full screen, but other than that it’s one sick display of photography!

Thanks Abduzeedo for the Best of link!


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