Artist Spotlight: Albert Szukalski

My parents recently took a trip for their 31st (i could be wrong on this, great son, i know…) anniversary through california up into Nevada. On their trip they passed through a little ghost town in the middle of nowhere, in Death Valley, and got some amazing shots of some artwork that, unknown to them and myself, had a series of sculptures to follow up the series. Artist Charles Albert Szukalski (Born April 4, 1945, Furth im Wald, Poland — Died January 25, 2000, Antwerp, Belgium) Had a sculpture of “The Last Supper” (Pictured Above). When my parents were showing me the photos i was blown away by them; one, that my folks were savvy enough to capture such great photos (i kid, i kid), and two, that something so amazing would be set up in the middle of the desert, without graffiti, intact and seemingly unguarded. When i got near a computer again i started to do a search for “Death Valley Last Supper” and discovered the other sculptures in the series.

UPDATE: After doing a little bit of research, i found out that this isn’t just ome random little ghost town in Death Valley. It’s actually called the Goldwell Open Air Museum.

Watch the video of the artist and a little of how he made these sculptures.
Video after the jump… JUMP!


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