And so it begins; Photo: year 29 || day 1

Under the guise of “lets go for a bike ride”, I took the opportunity to take my Canon T2i out to some old railroad tracks near our apartment for some much needed photo-therapy. There’s always been a fascination of mine with old railroad tracks, possibly stemming back to the nights in Rosamond when the distant thud thud, thud thud, whoooooo-whoo of the mile-off train would put me to sleep. Or maybe the familiar heat from the elongated face of good old Abe when we’d tape him face down to the railroad tracks anxiously awaiting the next graffiti art show to come screaming by. There really is something about destroying a bunch of pennies with your childhood friends that tickles the nostalgia nerve. Ahhh, memories. So, to get to my point, and to start this countdown (or is it a count up?) off right, here’s photo #1 of my soon-to-be-gone twenties.


  • Kristen

    Yes, I still strongly dislike this photo. This does not look like me.

    • Ohh c’mon. This is a really cute picture of you.

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